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ELK Solutions - Houston's most recognized recruiting firm for jobs in oil and gas exploration and oilfield manufacturing


ELK Solutions, Inc. has over 25 years experience serving the Houston, Texas labor market. We are a full service, turnkey technical recruiting company specializing in oilfield services providers, upstream oil and gas, and oilfield equipment manufacturing.

We have developed relationships with some of the country’s most dynamic corporations. We support some of the most energetic and creative engineering teams in the Houston area. These managers rely on ELK Solutions to maintain a steady supply of engineering and technical talent to give them the competitive edge in this ever changing industry.

Based on our strong professional work ethics and teamwork, we contribute tremendous value to our corporate clients and candidate clients.


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How Can ELK Solutions Help Your Company?

  • It’s a matter of trust and over 85% of our business is repeat business!
  • We help you achieve your business goals
  • Unparalleled experience and deep understanding at searching for the intangibles
  • We specialize in building engineering teams
  • We counsel you on hiring and compensation trends
  • Deep industry knowledge - we have the ability to locate the top professionals in your niche
  • We ensure higher employee retention through a more refined and professional search
  • Knowing YOUR business is OUR specialty
  • We quantify market trends to help guide your company’s plan
  • We are excellent at providing solutions to your challenges
  • Our recruiters are highly trained in cutting edge recruiting technology and networking
  • Extensive Houston coverage with over 25 years of trust
  • We manage the candidate/client process to assure a win/win situation
  • We deliver

How Can ELK Solutions Help Your Career?

  • Resumes don’t secure jobs – we do - we open doors
  • We have a caring staff who listens to what is important to you
  • We are Career Counselors, here to help you reach your career goals
  • We help you tap the power of keywords to enhance your resume’s effectiveness
  • We offer free help with resume writing and career counseling
  • We prep you for every interview - to get an offer
  • Extensive Houston coverage
  • Never a fee to our candidate clients
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